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BusinessNZ Wellington Seminar FAQs

What is the duration of the seminar?

The formal part of the Seminar lasts for 1½ days, although participants should allow 2 days due to optional activities on the afternoon of the second day.

Who should attend the Wellington Seminar?

Attendees will come from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of management, including:

  • CEOs
  • Senior executives
  • Emerging talent/future leaders
  • Local government representatives
  • Business association representatives
  • Overseas business leaders with an interest in New Zealand operations.

What all participants have in common is the desire to gain a deeper understanding of Wellington's wider political and policy environment, along with being aware of how to influence change.

What form does the teaching take?

This is not a theoretical training seminar but an experience that develops understanding of key political and economic issues impacting your business now. Participants will engage direct with key stakeholders and business leaders to engage in thinking on issues and gain practical insights driving benefit to their businesses. The contextual approach ensures that participants learn through direct experience of different political and policy environments.

By taking participants out of the workplace and giving them direct experience of Parliament, government departments and other key places in Wellington, with process will allow participants to understand for themselves how influencing government differs depending on the context.

The Seminar is delivered by BusinessNZ experts, business leaders, relevant politicians and top government officials. This allows participants to engage in real time and to challenge directly those responsible for delivering change.

What happens to my application once it has been submitted?

The Wellington Seminar team will contact you soon after your application about places available for the next Seminar.

What are the Seminar's dates?

Monday 31 May - Tuesday 1 June 2021

When is the application deadline?

Application window: TBA

Can more than one person from a business/organisation attend a Seminar?

Yes, although there is a limit of the total number of people that can attend each Seminar.

Is every Seminar the same?

While there will be elements of each Seminar that will be similar, the overall make-up of participants attending will assist in determining the most relevant politicians, government officials, industry leaders and communications practitioners that will be involved. Also, there is the ability to provide special purpose/tailored seminars for individual companies or industry groups.

How much does the Wellington Seminar cost?

Per participant cost for the BusinessNZ Wellington Seminar is: $2,399 + GST

All travel and accommodation costs are to be paid by the participants.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact Katharine McGhie for further information:
04 496 6285