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  1. How many people do you employ?
  2. Please indicate the changes your company experienced during the last month in respect of the following indicators.

    1 = Large Rise (over 15%), 2 = Modest Rise (2.5-15%), 3 = No Change (within 2.5%), 4 = Modest Fall (2.5-15%), 5 = Large Fall (over 15%)

    Production levels
    Employment Levels
    New Orders
    Stocks of Finished Products
    Deliveries of Raw Materials
  3. What has been the major influence on business activity in your firm over the last three months?
  4. Overall, has the major influence on business activity described in Question 3 been positive or negative?
  5. In which region is your business primarily located?
  6. In which area of services is your company primarily involved?

    If you have checked 'Other Manufacturing', please specify:

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