Clarity and certainty for business – vaccine certificates and mandates

27 Oct 2021

Clarity and certainty for business – vaccine certificates and mandates

Our BusinessNZ Network colleagues have worked closely with the Government and NZCTU on planned legislation for vaccine certificates and mandates.

Proposed legislation announced yesterday  will require vaccination of all workers at businesses where customers need to show a Covid-19 vaccination certificate, and for other businesses it will introduce a simpler risk assessment process to follow when deciding whether vaccinations should be mandated at their workplace.

Until now, businesses have found it difficult to determine what they can and can’t mandate, and the potential for legal challenge of business decisions in this area has added to the uncertainty.

The proposed law changes will therefore reduce risks for businesses when making decisions about vaccination mandates.

Under the proposed legislation, employers will also be required to keep records about workers’ vaccination status – a necessary requirement so employers can have certainty about the health risks their business faces.

The BusinessNZ Network is pleased to have contributed to the planned legislation which will provide more confidence around dealing with vaccine certificates and mandates.