Visa extensions welcomed

13 Jun 2021

BusinessNZ welcomes the extension of visas, deferral of the three year stand down and border exemptions for the dairy industry.

"It is good to see Government recognising that immigration is critical to our export-led recovery.  Skill shortages are holding back New Zealand companies from taking advantage of the opportunities created by our Covid-free status," BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said.

"There is significant work still to be done however on how to ensure that immigration is balanced, supports the well-being of the workforce by not creating the extra strain of skill shortages, and enables economic prosperity.

"Immigration is critical to New Zealand and the border closure has already eliminated 90% of the immigration flow into the country which we will not be able to turn back on quickly.

"Businesses have been doing everything they can to recruit New Zealanders, as reflected in the booming apprenticeship rates and increasing wages.

"We need to move to the next phase of the recovery and put in place the world’s smartest border and a sustainable immigration system that recognises the skills that businesses need across all levels, that delivers a simple and high quality service to those interacting with Immigration New Zealand and ensures the current economic momentum can be maintained."