Better law-making sought by business

9 Apr 2021

BusinessNZ says a move to improve law-making is well overdue.

Today the  Regulatory Standards Bill was drawn from the members’ ballot in Parliament.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope said the Bill would be welcomed by the business sector which bears a heavy compliance burden from regulation.

“Small and medium businesses have repeatedly told us about the severe load of regulation, and over-regulation of business is a constant  concern coming through surveys conducted by BusinessNZ.

“Previous attempts to get better law-making standards in our Parliament - including an earlier Regulatory Responsibility Bill and recent moves to require regulatory impact analysis in proposed legislation – have not been successful.

“It is to be hoped that public support via referendum for improved law-making will help this Bill succeed,” Mr Hope said

The Bill would require any proposed legislation to include a clear analysis of the  problem the legislation is expected to solve, cost-benefit analysis of its expected outcomes, and adequate consultation with affected parties.