Planning for low-emissions economy

4 Sep 2018

BusinessNZ has welcomed the Productivity Commission’s report on moving to a low‑emissions economy.

Chief Executive Kirk Hope says the Commission has taken stock of the challenges involved and built on the evidence base to support the case for action.

“The Commission points out that the sooner New Zealand begins the transition to a low-emissions economy, the less costly the transition will be.

“Opportunities for emissions reduction include changing from livestock farming to horticulture and crops, substantial take-up of electric vehicles, and the production of significantly more electricity.

“A higher price on carbon will also be needed.

“BusinessNZ supports action where it is economic and the benefits can be shown to outweigh the costs.

“BusinessNZ looks forward to working with government and officials as they work through the detail of the Commission’s proposals in ways that minimise the risks and capture the opportunities.

“Key to doing this will be to maintain the international competitiveness of New Zealand businesses and ensuring that the burden faced by New Zealand consumers and families is not disproportionate to other countries.”