Asia Pacific Energy Leaders' Summit 2018

  Wednesday 31 Oct 2018
  8:15am to 5:20pm
Brought to you by BusinessNZ Energy Council

3D Vision - New Energy Perspectives is the essential biennial conference for business and policy leaders, along with energy and technology professionals.

Featuring outstanding international experts, the 2018 Asia Pacific Energy Leaders’ Summit 3D Vision - New Energy Perspectives will help decision-makers to navigate the disruptive forces that are provoking profound global change:

  • ➢ Boundaries between energy, transport and industry are blurring
  • ➢ Decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation (the three Ds) are changing the energy landscape
  • ➢ Demand, prices, risks and opportunities are evolving
  • ➢ New structures around data ownership, access, security and accuracy are emerging
  • ➢ Empowered customers want a new relationship with energy providers
  • ➢ A new breed of professionals is needed to leverage the changes

3D Vision - New Energy Perspectives will bring a focus on:

  • ➢ What technologies can decarbonise the economy
  • ➢ How technology can be used to delight customers
  • ➢ How regulation can keep up with changes in the energy sector
  • ➢ How professionals can succeed in the new energy environment

3D Vision - New Energy Perspectives attendees will benefit from:

  • ➢ A better understanding of the three huge new forces in energy – decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation
  • ➢ Hearing innovators and leaders tell their success stories of transformational change
  • ➢ Networking and peer learning with energy and business leaders from around Asia Pacific

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