Terms & Conditions

The company hereby applies to join BusinessNZ’s Major Companies Group (MCG) and in so doing agrees to be bound by the rules of the relevant regional association to which the company belongs, or intends to belong, and by the specific MCG terms and conditions set out below:

  1. Membership of the MCG is for an initial two-year period (with a right of renewal). In applying to join, a Company not already a member of a BusinessNZ regional association must agree to become a member of one or other association, usually the association where the Company’s head office is located. Appropriate regional association membership is discussed as part of the Company’s MCG membership application.
  2. The Company’s annual MCG membership subscription will be the greater of $xx,xxx or the amount payable by way of subscription to the regional association of which the Company is, or becomes, a member.
  3. The Company must provide details of numbers of staff employed and annual turnover in order for the amount payable by way of subscription to the relevant regional association to be determined.
  4. The MCG membership payment must be made within two months of the date on which the Company joins the MCG. Payment may be made by direct credit, by cheque or as otherwise agreed.
  5. Where a Company intends to resign from the MCG, its notice of resignation must be delivered to BusinessNZ’s offices 90 working days prior to the Company’s membership anniversary. The notice of resignation must be signed by the Company’s chief executive or by his or her authorised agent.
  6. Where a Company’s resignation is received after BusinessNZ’s subscription year (1 July) has commenced, the Company will be liable to BusinessNZ for the full year’s subscription. Payment of any regional subscription due must be made to the relevant regional association.
  7. Information provided by BusinessNZ is confidential and for the use of MCG members only. Such information must not be disclosed to, or used for the benefit of, any person or organisation other than an MCG member.
  8. Any information relating to an MCG member Company held by BusinessNZ will remain confidential. It will be used only in relation to the services provided to the Company by BusinessNZ.
  9. BusinessNZ reserves the right to decline a Company’s MCG membership application and to terminate its membership.