Major Companies Group

BusinessNZ's Major Companies Group (MCG) helps ensure that New Zealand's largest companies are heard in policy, business and economic debate.

Over 80 of New Zealand's largest companies are active members of BusinessNZ's Major Companies Group.

Together they account for a dominant share of New Zealand's GDP, and bring a collective weight of influence that enables it to provide strong counsel to government and other key decision makers.

Key benefits of MCG membership are the connections and ability to influence, with the aim of making New Zealand a better place to do business and for New Zealanders to live, grow, develop and innovate. We want to grow the New Zealand economy and the potential of our people.

MCG members receive a suite of services, including:

  • Specialist independent policy advice
  • Opportunities to contribute to research and policy development
  • Access to specialised policy forums, including Ministers and MPS
  • An opportunity to engage in influencing the political and regulatory business framework
  • Regulatory updates
  • National and regional representation.

The work of the MCG is carried out within the overarching governance of the BusinessNZ Council.