NZ 'least corrupt' in 2016

25 Jan 2017

NZ'least corrupt' in 2016


New Zealandand Denmark lead the world in freedom from corruption according to a survey by TransparencyInternational.

The surveyis based on ratings by the World Bank, World Economic Forum and otherinstitutions.

NewZealand's first equal placing recognises factors such as absence of bribery orcorrupt payments, open government, freedom of expression, civil liberties andindependent police and justice systems.

BusinessNZChief Executive Kirk Hope says corruption destroys honest business andprosperity, and New Zealand's freedom from corruption is greatly valued.

"NewZealand's reputation for honesty, transparency and justice is a great advantagein conducting international trade and other dealings. 

"We need tocontinue to uphold our standards and institutions and maintain this enviableposition."  

This year'ssurvey showed the top 10 countries for freedom of corruption were New Zealand,Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands,Canada and Germany.�S�%��