Employability skills framework welcomed

1 Mar 2017

Employabilityskills framework welcomed

BusinessNZhas welcomed the launch of the Employability Skills Framework, to help ensure youngpeople gain employability skills.

Theframework lists the workplace skills needed for all entry-level jobs (separatefrom the technical skills needed for a specific job).

Employabilityskills include literacy, numeracy, using technology, a driver's license andbeing drug free.

BusinessNZChief Executive Kirk Hope said the framework will help make it clear to youngpeople and educators what employers want.

"The transitionfrom education to work is bumpy for many young people and this framework willhelp smooth the transition.

"Otherthings to be considered include how to build these skills into course designand how best young people can demonstrate these skills to employers.

"We alsoneed clear pathways from education to work, and more work on helping studentsmatch their interests, abilities and aspirations with opportunities in thelabour market," Mr Hopesaid.

The Ministryof Education and Careers NZ worked with employers to develop the framework.