Small Business

Speaking up for Small Business

'The Engine Room of Growth' – New Zealand is a nation of small businesses, with over 97 percent of all firms employing 20 workers of less.

The performance of these small firms is crucial to driving economic growth. Their creativity and innovation is one of the reasons why they are called "the engine room of growth".

BusinessNZ's regional associations – EMA, Business Central, CECC and OSEA – are the key contact points for small firms. Their feedback forms a crucial part of our advocacy and policy work on behalf of the small business sector.

Achieving a business environment that helps small firms grow is a prime goal of BusinessNZ's advocacy. We speak on their behalf to make sure their interests are being heard, and to maintain the best possible relationships with government officials and decision makers. Phil O'Reilly regularly speaks to conferences of small businesses to update them from the coalface of political change, and to get their feedback, ideas and concerns.